Just Life


…in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Jo had a beautiful pot of miniature pink roses when I saw her Saturday. Harry’s didn’t have pink roses, but they did have these beautiful alstromeria – it’s been too long since I had fresh flowers on my desk! [wow – loved looking back at the blog for June to find that link – I’ve been blogging now for about 7-1/2 months and it has probably had a bigger impact on my life than just about everything since marriage and parenthood – wow]


  • Lydia

    Sounds like you got tons accomplished despite the injury
    🙁 had heel spurs once, so being off the feet is tough. Love the vest, and I think the Jitterbug colorway is the same as my sock yarn, that had the ridiculous pattern. Made first sock and there is a huge difference with the 2nd, so I’m sure I’ll be ripping the 1st so it looks more like the second- have a fab day-

  • Lydia

    Had to share some good news, and didn’t think I could post it on my blog, so it’s on your! Got a huge raise today along with a job title change, totally unexpected surprise. Makes me want to work hard, and make myself an asset to this program. I’m going to celebrate with a trip to Knitch today for sock yarn!