Just Life

only three good photos.

…wow, this past week has been a slow one photo-wise for me (except for knitting progress :-). Just uploaded pics to flickr and to ritz. And there are only three blog-worthy ones, not counting the lunch photo that I shared on Friday:

Birthday card for my friend Donna. I’ve used the idea before, but this time I used aqua pen in the stamp lid and love the colors so much better. I also used the white shimmery cardstock and it’s perfect for watercolor.
At Donna’s birthday party – Shari, Patty, Bunny, Dawn, Michelle, Lise. Nothing of the birthday girl. And not because I didn’t take lots of pictures – just none of them turned out (red-eye, blurry, scary faces, ugh!).
Sara’s ALTA teammates after their last fall season match (wins for all these girls :-). Emma, Sarah, Elizabeth, Sarah and Sara…yes, 3 Sara(h)’s, but only one without an “h”!