a knitting lesson.

Monday night. Karen & Jill. I think I’ve taught them both before, so I’m hoping it sticks this time 🙂 Karen’s knitting the itty bitty felted bag (directions here) and Jill’s making the skinny scarf (directions included on the yarn wrapper). Karen called tonight to say Jill wore the scarf to school today. Wow – that was fast! And Karen reports progress on the bag. Can’t wait to see FO’s!

…in other knitting news – I started the monkey socks last night. Who’d think that knitting on four 6″-long size 1 needles would now be my “easy” project?!

…and in non-knitting news – a new Target ad arrived in today’s mail. And I grabbed it right away for my journal. I love junk mail as creative material!

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  • Lydia

    Glad to see we have some new recruits in the knitting world! Sock nearly done, the SOTS, don’t ask, am ripping back again to the point of connection after getting to row 57! Ugh-will see what gets done this weekend. Plan to see the new Queen E movie on Saturday. Did the girls enjoy the Shins concert? Enjoy the weekend and Marc’s birthday.