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finished hint #3.

…yesterday – so not quite able to keep up the weekly pace (hint #4 came out Friday morning), but not feeling too far behind! And I’m hoping to knit some today so I can be ready for #5.

here’s a close-up of the beautiful design in the middle.

I am really enjoying this project. Which is good since I’ve had to spend a lot of time on it…without much of my usual knitting company – food tv (or sports) and chatting with Sara or Marc. For this hint, I did manage to listen to the TV, and successfully talked (besides just to myself) on the purl back rows. The pattern for hint #4 looks like the easiest so far, and maybe I’ll be able to carry on a conversation while knitting!

Still haven’t figured out the whole photo thing for this stole. We really don’t have a lot of natural light inside – and the shorter days are making it hard to get outdoor light, too. So here’s how I setup the shot: ottoman, with white towel in the middle of the kitchen floor 🙂

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