done, done and done.

…replacement vest, first socks and SotS clue #1. Still wondering exactly how I morphed from a serial mono-knitter (one project on the needles, knit til it’s done, start another project, …) to a poly-knitter (multiple projects, knitting on each as the mood, or circumstance, suits). And not at all sure how my finishing rate (which for me, has increased dramatically these past four weeks) is related to the number of projects in process at one time. Seems counter intuitive that knitting more projects at once would lead to finishing more projects? Oh well, I’ll take success however I can get it!
DROPS short shrug in blue sky bulky duotones – a very fun project – knit up fast – sometimes too fast (I missed bindoff/shaping several times and had to rip) – and fits great – even though it’s hard to tell with this t-shirt shot
DK weight socks in cascade fixation – a little disappointed that the stripes don’t match up, but for first socks, I’m ok with it! and thanks to Nell at knitch who suggested a three-needle bind off for the toes instead of the dreaded kitchener stitch!

clue #1…whew! this is probably 10 hours of knitting and I’m freaking out just a bit about keeping up the pace for the next seven weeks. Hoping maybe I’ve got the hang of it now, though (the last 5 rows flew by), so it will go faster. The sparkles in the pic below are the beads…I am completely in love with this project!

My current thinking about multiple projects is that I need something portable (socks), something fun (sweaters, stoles, scarves) and something hard (right now it’s the SotS – totally loving the challenge!) And since I finished socks and a sweater this week, I’m casting on two more projects – monkey socks in a colorway that recalls knitchand the flower basket shawl in jitterbug bright charcoal. Admit the shawl is puzzling me – I’m not sure how it will all come together – knitted the first 26 rows and I still can’t tell – is this the bottom or the top?

Of course new projects means trips to the yarn store – I took Sara to knitch today (I think she’s the first person who’s been to that store and wasn’t completely inspired to knit!) and then we met Lydia for lunch at Baroanda. Days don’t get much better than this!