triple s.

…my secret of the stole swatch is finally done. and whew! but I love the results and the colors of both the yarn and the beads – and the yarn with the beads:

a close up of the beads

I started a photo album on the yahoo group site, too.

Notes to self:
*check out other needles – I tried the addi turbos, but I only have a 16 inch one, and that was just too short – but I loved the way the points made it easier to not pickup the wrong parts of the stitches
*only one glass of wine per 2 hours of knitting allowed
*count stitches after EVERY row!

One Comment

  • Lydia

    I’m on board with the wine limit and the counting after each row, easy to drop/add if you’re not careful. The color is great as well. I’m turning the heel on my sock- yea!