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ready to swatch.

…yes, finally! I have my yarn, and beads, and even a new very very tiny crochet hook. And totally enjoyed the LYS experience today (especially meeting up with Lydia and Jean…but not so much Lydia’s yarn winding :-). Sorry internet, nothing can take the place of seeing and touching the yarn…and talking to a very friendly, helpful, LYS owner. I’m kind of kicking myself for spending so much time on-line about the selection, but maybe it made the ultimate choice easier?

And in other news, the hibiscus evidently missed the memo about fall!

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  • Lydia

    Looks like you had a fabulous weekend- I forgot about the dinner club. Thanks for your help on the winding- I’ll let you know how it goes at WNY when I go back to have the rest done. Going to Knitch at lunch tomorrow, totally inspired by the shawl that the lady at OECT brought. Nice to know you can knit something that lacy and elegent without having to always use delicate yarns. I seriously need to get busy-