more knitting.

…yes, I’m sure some people who read my blog (there are only a few of you, I know) will find it hard to believe that I could sign up for more knitting. But I did. This one goes with TV. Grey’s Anatomy specifically. see the new button on the sidebar for the Grey’s KAL. Why? Because:

*I need a new tv show; since the Soprano’s and The O.C. are finished and Entourage is on break, there is nothing (except a few Food Network shows, and they don’t count) that I watch – of course the time that’s freed up in the evenings for things like knitting (but if I’m honest, mostly knitting blogs) makes getting a new show a real tradeoff. But Katie, and my frieds Sue and Francie love the show, so I’m thinking that’s a good start
*I really enjoy knitting (especially the beginning part, where I am now, picking a pattern and yarn…and of course the ending part where I finish something, but I trust that will come)
*I’d like to meet some more knitters…who blog…

So this was kind of a no-brainer, right?

I found this KAL from links from links (and probably more links) from Lime&Violet’s Daily Chum. Picking my project has been the tough part so far (I’ve decided not to really worry about catching up on the first 3 seasons of the show I’ve missed – the last episode of season 3 is on tonight and I figure that will set me up ok even if I can’t watch anything else!). I was initially very intrigued by mention of a greys anatomy colorway from white oak studio. And I checked it out – no more greys on the site, but the wonderful shop owner said she’d make some for me (love that special attention!) and what weight did I want, fingering or sport? …so then I realized I really didn’t know what the colorway was, and what patterns might work. I googled it this morning and discovered it’s grey/red/black. And I don’t need socks like that and don’t have anything in mind for those colors in a sport weight either. So I stressed… and visited her blog and found out about the polar express colorway. Which I absolutely loved. I found this shawl pattern (in sport weight, like the red one in the picture). And I’ve inquired about availability of the colorway. And I’m excited about the project.

…and about my first episode of Grey’s…

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  • Mary Lynn

    Hi there!

    My local library had copies of the seasons 1 and 2 available on DVD. If you really begin to like it, it would be worth it to go back and watch the beginning. It is interesting to see how the characters have developed.