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…fka “finished objects” or “things I’ve actually finished”…and in the past few years, there haven’t been many (other than scarves knitted on very big needles). So it might come as a huge surprise to know that I actually blocked the fingerless gloves, and the hat, and completed a cute peach colored georgia cloth for the Yarn Harlot – and I did all that just last night!

there really are two gloves (with the cables reversed just like the pattern says) but I couldn’t figure out how to photo both at one time while they were both on my hands! and note the improvement since this photo in the picot bindoff (along the top) with the blocking 🙂

from this pattern that Lydia found for me (and it’s copywritten, so if I’ve messed up posting the link – or the picture – my apologies!)

No picture of the hat – Sara was already working out by the time I got home and I didn’t want to put the new hat on the sweaty head.

(time to buy more yarn? there are only 8,571 people ahead of me now at ravelry…I’ll need a good stash once I get my invitation!)

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  • Mary Lynn

    Hi there!

    I am making the “fetchings” for my 13 year old who is perpetually cold. She also plays the violin and piano and has figured out that with the violin, she can keep the fetching on her bow hand and when playing the piano, she can keep them both on.

    I have one done and most of the other one done. I loved the pattern so much that I’m thinking about making at least one more pair for her and maybe a pair for my oldest daughter and possibly myself.

    Have a great day.