Just Life

dinner club.

…these very good friends of mine (originally all from work) started a dinner club back in August 2005 to make sure I had something to do when Katie went to college. It was a welcome diversion and I enjoyed it – getting to know everyone better…and sharing a lot of laughter, good talk, wonderful food and wine. In the past two years, three of the group have moved to other jobs (two in other cities), there’s been a new baby and a newly single – like I’ve said about my bookclub, we’ve seen life happen. We haven’t met as regularly since Kris moved away, but she was in town this weekend and got us back together. Wonderful evening. I played with my camera – still hating the flash and the red-eye and washed out faces – but in nearly night time light, there’s no other way to get a picture!

tidbits of the conversation I picked up: crazy travel plans for work – beautiful travel plans to the southwest for vacation::if I give you money will you shop for me?::CAbi!!::so I have a 10 month old and I’m five months pregnant::love wine with screw tops::shopping routine – Costco, Target, Kroger::hairdresser loyalty::they ordered a bottle::why’d he drive my car like that?::Kris is planning a Christmas get together – with a gift exchange (because we’ll get good ones) – at Lisa’s or Mary’s or Janel’s?::so sorry we missed Laura, Marcia and Melanie…maybe next time?!