Just Life

changing colors.

this tree in our backyard was the first one to bloom in the spring – and it’s now the first to start turning in the fall. at least the color is pretty. because I really hate to see the summer ending…

and on my way back inside after taking that picture, I noticed Chance – and love how we’re both “inside the mirror” in this shot.

In other news, I’ve spent way too much time on-line this week finding yarn for my two new KAL’s (click the buttons on the sidebar to see details). I especially love this (in java) and this (in blackberry). But there are lots of other options…to the point I can’t make a decision about the yarn. But I have decided I need to see and feel real yarn. So trips to a few yarn stores are in my weekend plans.

Oh, and I think I’m making good progress on lilith:

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  • Lydia

    Ooo I love the Lilith- I agree about the touchy feely part. I like what you found on-line, but unless you’ve already seen it I avoid online yarn shopping. Hoping for success at Whole 9 Yarns this morning, if not, will got to Knitch later in the week. the Jo Sharp is coming along, need longer needles, which I’ll get today.