Just Life

by the numbers.

…a quantifiable look at what I’ve been up to since I last posted:
+9 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy (7 from Season 2, starting from the beginning, and 2 from Season 3, starting from episode #17, thinking I’d have a fair chance of finishing that season before Thursday, but oops, forgot I have plans on Wednesday!)
+97 rows of progress on lilith (or 104 rows knitted if you count the 7 I ripped back)
+63 minutes of watching Sara win her ALTA match 8-3
+10 miles running in the park
+60 minutes watching Sara at her tennis lesson (made much more pleasant because of this view to my right – CCR #18)
+7.5+8.0+6.5=22.0 hours of sleep
+9 new knitting blogs added to my favorites, including this one, this one and this one (which makes me think I want to knit one of these too)
+5 loads of laundry
+18 photos uploaded to flickr
+3 magazines cut-up and pasted onto 3 journal pages
+zero calls from Katie (we did trade a few text messages today)
+20 pages of Abundance read (it’s really taking a back seat to the Grey’s and knitting)


  • Mary Lynn

    and then she rests . . .

    I have to admit that sometimes when I get to work on Mondays it is with a sigh of relief.

    You are right about the shoes. Not only will they hurt, but all of the girls bring flip-flops to the dance. We have been very lucky in that the friends our daughters have are attracted to are generally really great kids.

  • Lydia

    . .all that in a matter of just a few days- I often wonder what people who have no hobbies fill their days- seems like a boring existance to me- love the raspberry lace- only 11 days til the first clue is revealed- did manage to find a crochet hook at Michael’s. Did you see the knitting needle knitting bag on knitting daily?! Way too cute.