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…was fun today – because I accomplished some good things and got to spend real catching up time with Katie.

Got a good (early) start. Heard good news about Hewitt’s earnings finally?!). Confirmed five appointments to followup on Hewitt Foundation organizations – site/phone visit summaries are due September 7 and I represent 10 organizations…all of them are wonderful, awe-inspiring and I wish I had more time to spend. Two folks returned my intro-emails with phone calls. And I so wish I could’ve had the phone visit right then because their enthusiasm was/is contagious!

Katie met me at 3:30 and we drove to Virginia-Highlands to visit Knitch (certain someone has a birthday coming up) and Key Lime Pie (Katie wanted a haircut). Fun, fun, fun! even have to laugh now at the poor Key Lime Pie person who had to tell me…15 minutes into a cell phone call with Karen…that I was in a “cell free zone”. Ooops! but it was way too hot outside to carry on any conversation, so we ended it fast!

We’d planned to have dinner within walking distance, but nothing that sounded good was close – and “close” was required because it was 95 degrees outside (as I get older, and after Katie’s summer, we just don’t “do” heat!). So we got back into the car and drove to Nava (I totally crave the smoked salmon appetizer all the time) – and even Katie was impressed with the car, and how it adapted to our initial left turn onto Ponce (to Briarcliff, then Lavista, then Piedmont) when the original instructions were to turn right (Ponce to North Ave to P’tree). Still need a bit more work with the navigation system to figure out how to turn it off, and how to recall the destination info to call ahead for reservations (fortunately, no wait at Nava on a Tuesday night!) We totally enjoyed a full meal – shared.

but sadly, Katie didn’t like our “two of us” shots. More photo ops tomorrow

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