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Friday, in between meetings with the Georgia Tech Alumni Ass’n recruiting liaison and two HA Foundation organizations, I managed a quick trip to Knitch to add 3 more projects to my stash.
a new sock pattern and yummy gray yarn to knit it; the wound balls are for hats

Then had a late lunch with Katie at The Globe.

Friday night, while we watched a new Monk, Sara worked on Chemistry and I worked on her hat. Yesterday started early with a quick run, then a trip to visit Jo and an ALTA match for Sara (she didn’t win, but she’s gotten a lot faster on the court). After dinner, we watched Chicago and I finished Sara’s hat (I think it needs blocking, but I need to consult the LYS for instructions).
a side view and a top view, to show off the pretty star-top pattern

On tap for today – laundry, a longer run, groceries, photo organizing and more knitting. Sock #2 is growing!

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  • Lydia

    Love the photo of you and Katie, and Sara’s hat is too cool. Hoping the boys will be “into” those so I can use some of my stash for “quicky” projects. Thanks for the help on the “hearts”. Have a wonderful week.