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summer blowout.

…I totally hate that it’s August now – and not even two weeks left before school starts. But we are going to make the absolute most of the few more days of summer break. Friday afternoon we are kicking off the “summer blowout” – the next 10 days will be filled with fun, laughter, photo ops and generally anything to ensure that summer 2007 is well-remembered.

Sara and I brainstormed a few ideas over dinner last night (we love summer Tuesdays – Marc plays golf, so it’s just us and we can eat what we want) – crab cakes, roasted asparagus with raspberries and baby greens with strawberries and tarragon vinaigrette. I’ve seen beautiful strawberry photos on blogs lately. Think they look better photographed whole, in the daylight, but I didn’t have that option at 7:30!

A few of the things on our list:
*gourmet grilled cheese for Friday dinner (fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, pesto on a really nice whole grain bread)
*Harry Potter movie and lunch out (Marlowe’s Tavern maybe)
*a trip to the airport, followed by a vegetarian dinner (welcome home, Katie!)
*an Atlanta date – haircut for Katie, browsing, dinner and coffee in Virginia-Highlands
*a day off work – a run in the park, lunch out (Bistro VG maybe), 10th grade orientation
*Lydia’s b-day dinner
*rewatching a few fave chick flicks
…stay tuned!

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  • Lydia

    Can’t wait to see the photos, sounds like fun- love the grilled sandwiches- had one the other day- good pesto and really fresh tomatoes- the bomb. PJ is getting ready for his guitar lesson, Lord help my ears! Ripped the TT down to about 1.5 inches-