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scatter joy.

Katie truly inspires me. For my birthday two years ago, she gave me a “scatter joy” jar. A beautiful white teapot that she personalized and filled with paper hearts, all sizes and yummy red/pink colors, on which she’d written a few short words of inspiration. Every single one of them guaranteed to bring a smile to face. Some are outright funny, like this one.

Others are a bit more serious, like “I am thankful for everyone who loves me like crazy” (which I happened to draw the day of my car accident – hummm…. interesting timing, no?) For my birthday last year, she gave me my first journal. And I figured out along about January or so that the scatter joys made great journaling prompts. So I take a few, tuck them in the back pocket of my journal, and when I need a spark of inspiration for journaling, I pick one. Today, I picked this one:

…and a few of the “hearts” from my own favorite indulgences:
(can anyone tell me how to make hearts on a blog posting? eta “yes”, sara can – it’s & + hearts + ;, like this ♥)
*spa sydell and jo – for a wax every 3 weeks and a facial every 6
*starbucks, and my starbucks card on auto-reload
*nice wine…during the week
*a week at the beach every summer with the girls
*taking 30 minutes every morning to read my favorite blogs – gets my day off to a happy and “inspired” start
*time with my blog and my journal (both provide so much enjoyment, but just in different ways)
*the food network, especially ina and giada
*stamp club
*picking up dinner at Harry’s so I don’t have to cook (and having married a guy who cooks better than I do, likes to do it AND does!)
*unlimited text messaging for our family’s cell phones (actually turns out this is also a smart economic move – this plan costs less than the separate ones we had, but the indulgence part is truly not having to worry about the volume)
*sending my khaki capris to the cleaners just so I don’t have to iron them
*my yarn “stash”

…you get the gist – what are your indulgences?


  • Lydia

    Besides the hobbies I love-
    knitting, reading, planting flowers, cooking, stamping, and now blogging-
    other indulgences
    eating out on my own and having a glass of wine-bubble baths, and having a glass of wine-a great book, and having a glass of wine-is there a pattern here? those are just a few, I’d have to say “ditto” to most of Mary’s-Love knowing how to do the hearts- go Sara. The PB catalog is in my stack of magazines to cull through-love the photo-