Just Life


(wow – nearly a week has passed since I last posted – busy, busy! – missed you, mere-et-filles, but I’m back now!)

The H&A reunion was … everything we hoped. And the girls weekend that accompanied was … simply spectacular. I cannot capture in words how wonderful it is to have such friends as these. Smart (yes, decided to list that one first!), caring, beautiful, successful, real…and best of all fun! pinch me – these fabulous ladies are my friends!

In the tradition started here and continued here – a few of my favorite shots (all of them are here) and memories:

*sue and francie flew in for the weekend – so good to see them…and the atlanta friends that I should see more often but don’t (note to self – change this!)
*trying to figure out the navigation feature on my new car to avoid a huge traffic jam on GA400 Friday night – 11 miles in 1.75 hours was not a great way to start the weekend, except that it gave me and sue plenty of time to catch up
*easy, sharing roomies – everyone contributed something and we had everything we needed, plus a lot more!
*just 2 rules – 1) no smoking and 2) turn down the comforters 🙂
*saturday morning walk with lynn, roxanna and alex – 5-ish miles and some great catchup conversation
*wine, cheese and crackers – complete diet for 36 hours, with just a few veggies and some yummy dark chocolate thrown in
*fashion advice from francie (but only if you ask for it 🙂
*pre-party drinks – discussing books and movies and music (because we’re smart…and fun!)
*shopping at walmart – honestly quite fun, but only because of the company
*the party – sadly no group shot, but we loved the house, the flowers and the company
*+/-/= with me as paula abdul, francie as simon and kelle as randy (because she has such good taste in music)
*laughing til the early morning two nights in a row – I haven’t had this much fun on so little sleep since…maybe ever!


  • Lydia

    Love seeing Francie, her hair is so cute-some of the other folks look familiar- have we met? Overall looked like a really fun weekend and the weather had to have been beautiful?!

  • mere2007

    I shared my photo albums from the past 5 years and know a few others recognized you…remember a creative memories party from how long ago and mindy was there (with easter pics from her in-laws house…funny, huh, what we remember?!) honestly, i’ve known everyone so long, i’m willing to bet you’ve met at some point!