…I worry that I’m a joiner (because I don’t think that’s a good trait) but I waited this one out a bit, so maybe that makes it ok (better?) because it’s really now to the point of “following” (which could be a bad trait on its own?!)

ravelry – seems to be the next good thing in the knitting world (aside from the Yarn Harlot’s Sept visit to Atlanta)- see here and here. And it was that last post that prompted me to sign up last Friday. So I could be #22727 on the list, with 14,842 ahead of me and no one (right, ZERO, people!) behind me.

The good news is that the list moves pretty fast – from my perspective anyway. I checked again on Sunday and there were 450 people behind me. I checked this evening, and there are now 1,131 people behind me (yes, ~700+ additions in just 3 days – wish this were my web-site!) and 14,308 ahead of me. At this rate, I should be in by Thanksgiving…and I’ve figured out I need to have my stash catalogued and indexed and my knitting projects photo-ready. uh…I’m currently loving simply photographing what I purchase – catalogs, indexes, any lists, yikes, whatever? (I haven’t even managed that much organization for my stamping stuff!)

p.s. – this is what I have from knitch today – still thinking the group photos of yarn, bag, needles, patterns, magazines, etc. are fun!