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my new office?

…sadly, no, I still have the office at 3003 Summit Blvd. But for 45 minutes this afternoon, I enjoyed the air conditioning at my local Starbucks, waiting for Sara to finish an after school tennis meeting. Amazing how portable our work can be with cell phones! I do have some work to do with the bluetooth connection in my car, though. When I got in, the phone automatically connected and I didn’t know how to un-connect – so I sat in the driveway for 20 minutes after we got home to finish the call (in the air conditioning, thank goodness – temperature reading outside is 100 degrees!)

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  • Lydia

    I wonder if I could make a business case that the local Starbucks should be a place I could do a “stake-out”? I’m a good people watcher- Sadly I don’t think the boss will buy it, but what a neat place to be-even temporarily. Love the html lesson, am going to give the hearts a try. My BC pie didn’t look near as good as that picture.