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julia’s chocolates.

…was one of many topics at last night’s bookclub, wonderfully hosted by Aileen, with the (supposed?!) purpose of discussing the book that Terri picked back in June. Most liked the book and loved the happy ending – there were a few dissenters (Aileen suggested they read The Road 🙂 In true bookclub fashion, we also talked about a lot of other things:

::Aileen’s lovely newly finished basement – she says it’s the “coolest” spot in the house – maybe literally and figuratively – it was a great party/gathering place (I especially loved the poppy art – see left)

::the weather, the start of school, school sports and the importance of having regular exercise, even as a kid

::weight – and how tied it seems to be/is? to a woman’s self esteem; I hate this, but everyone tells me it’s normal – based on what I’ve observed, I think they’re right

::social services – how prevalent the need is…even in an area like ours and how disappointed we were in the way they were betrayed in the book – based on Donna’s experience, in Roswell, it works differently and if she made a call like Julia did, people would pay attention

::happy books vs books that make you think – my favorites are the ones that do both

::we love the Aunt Lydia character, but some of her parties, especially the one with tacos, we wouldn’t want to attend (this was actually an “on topic discussion”)

::how to spot a meth addict (ditto this one!)

::…and just a little bit! my aversion to flash photography – ugh – don’t you hate red eye and washed out faces too?! …so here are the three (out of eight!) photos I took that were even half-way decent – problem with no flash is that the pictures can be pretty blurry! Donna, sorry, nothing with you (or me!):
terri and shari
in true bookclub style – note the 3 different conversations! – kay & lise, aileen & michelle, terri & shari

Sadly, I’ll miss next month’s meeting because it’s the Yarn Harlot night!!!, but I would definitely like the chance to discuss the book! Aileen has selected Water for Elephants (which I loved!)

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  • Lydia

    Love that basement-I’m culling through ideas for ours- did a major crewup on my posting this morning- some how deleted TONS of text!