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ending and beginning.

…with Sara’s help (coloring is contagious!) I got the beach album photos and art done yesterday. Added the journaling this morning and it’s done:

Then picked up the last 17 photos from the summer blowout and got them into the album – this is probably the most caught up with photos I’ve ever been!

…and thanks to Katie I have great patterned paper on the covers:

Katie left at 7 am – little katie-car was packed, but she managed on her own (I think she was ready to do it by herself and I only cried a little bit). She was all the way moved in before 9 am.

So instead of lugging boxes and bags on move-in day, I got to finish the albums, get my scrap area cleaned up and organized, pull together a donation for North Fulton Charities (one of the great organizations the Hewitt Foundation supports) and get inspired for two new scrapbook layouts. Note to self – I feel much more creative in an organized space!

Then I picked up Sara and we visited Only Ewe for yarn – I’d promised her a pair of socks when she finished her summer reading, but she was more inspired about the hats – fine by me – I can knock out a hat in an evening!

of course the one she wants (cross-top with one big stripe) takes three balls of yarn – get ready, girls, with the yardage on these balls, I’m thinking I’ve got five hats – we’ll see how many different ways we can combine dark brown, blue and cream 🙂

and best of all, I’m ready to get back to work tomorrow – today was perfect for getting my head around the end of summer and the beginning of another year.

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  • Lydia

    Love the yarn color combination-I agree and organized space inspires creativeity. Steve installed 6 flourescent lights (shop type lights) in my “craft area”, I’m hoping to dive in during the week, and part of the weekend, and get the rest of my stuff together-first day of high school- pretty good-