Just Life

christmas in august.

…what it seemed like at our house last night when Katie shared all the goodies she brought us back from Europe!

The scene at the airport reminded me of the closing scene in Love Actually, where someone says (something like) if you want to know about love, hang out at the arrivals gate at Heathrow. And it’s so true – well the arrivals gate part, at Hartsfield-Jackson, anyway.

Saturday was lots of fun, too, except I didn’t get any pictures of me and/or Sara enjoying our movie and lunch. The movie was delightful – superb performances by John Travolta, Queen Latifah, Michelle Pfeiffer and a crew of very talented younger actors. And we left Phipps before I remembered we hadn’t taken a picture. So much for loads of photo ops! So I took a few shots of the different flowers in our yard right now (we do have something other than mandevilla and hibiscus!)

…and one of my favorites – the new car! (with a reflection of Katie’s, which served me very well these past three weeks – thank you, Katie-car!)


  • Lydia

    Love the car- is it black? Hope to see it on Thursday. glad Katie made it back without incident. Mom and I want to see Hairspray also, and the new Jane Austin movie-can’t believe school is starting on Monday!