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travel journal (not).

…so I had the best of plans, but forgot one small detail. to quote from my July 23 journal entry:

I carefully planned, researched, (obsessed a bit?!) a travel journal for this trip. And realized we don’t really “travel” while we’re here. More like we drive a long way to stay. We read and play games and swim and ride bikes and cook and take walks and watch movies. Which are wonderful opportunities to take pictures and make memories, but not so much for an ephemera-based “journal”.

I did have a very good time collaging four travel glossies and the very few bits of ephemera I managed to collect getting coffee and shopping. And then I added some coloring and watercolor with the stamp sets I’d intended for the journal, thinking they might make a good motif for a Beach Trip 2007 photo album.

I love these pages (which are part of my ongoing journal, currently a moleskine sketch, that’s friendly to collages and watercolors). And am looking forward to creating two “real” travel journals on our 2008 spring break trips (I’m fortunate to get two – one with each daughter!)

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