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travel journal.

…the bar is very high. check out this, and this. and with what I have in my stash, I’ve got this:

I think all I’m missing is the book. Which I plan to find at Michael’s tomorrow (or B&N, or – boy I hope it doesn’t come to this, because it will be way out of my way! – Blicks).

And if it looks like a completely random pile of stuff, know that it’s not. This pile reflects over an hour of culling through my stash (love that I have stash…but afraid some of it might never see the light of day/scrapbook/journal 🙁 and deciding to throw caution to the wind and bring pencils – both watercolor and the and regular prismacolors. Maybe because I decided to bring stamps that completely invite coloring. Or maybe because I really like to color! I would also like to find some white pocket envelopes to hold the ephemera I just can’t fit onto the page. And if all else fails, regular mailing envelopes will suffice, but I’m hoping to get something a bit “cooler”.

at the very least, I know I can make some totally awesome collages! the pile of stuff includes everything I’ve ever used to collage in my regular journal. and I got a new kind of glue – tried it out and I think it’s going to work great.

…now have to figure out the rest of my 2 cubic foot allotment

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