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three things.

Kal has tagged everyone who reads her blog to write three things we like about ourselves:

1. I am a morning person. I love that I get up early and have time to enjoy my day before it turns to afternoon.

2. I am curious – I love to learn about new things. (If not tightly controlled, this also becomes one of the things that I don’t like about myself – that I spread myself too thin, trying to do too many things)

3. I have short, curly hair. This was definitely not a good thing for me when I was younger. But 40 years later, I’ve grown into it. And it gives me more time for favorite thing #2.

and more mandevilla love – happy Friday!

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  • Kal

    Triple Arm Pump! Thank you, thank you, thank you for participating with me! I like that you get up early, too. So do I! The earlier the better – there’s so much to be accomplished while the world is still asleep! Oh, and I WISH I had curly hair. I have the straightest, thinnest hair there is.