Just Life

no internet.

…yep – completed my follow-up from yesterday’s beach planning session. And the reservation desk shows “no record of an internet connection” at our unit. So – we’ll have a nice long blog break (thank goodness we’re back on Saturday so I can somewhat catch up on Sunday!) and lots of time for other activities, like
*reading the 7th Harry Potter book and the rest of my beach reading pile
*playing phase 10, zilch and yahtzee
*running (bought my much-needed new shoes today)
*bike riding
*being “there” for those good conversations that are likely to come up with 5 girls sharing a condo at the beach
*cooking (or more likely cleaning up)
*knitting! bought yarn for two more pairs of socks – oh no! – but only after I finished glove #1 – woo hoo!

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  • Lydia

    The goves are really cool, can’t wait to see the sock yarn you picked out. Look forward to seeing how the car packing goes, I know you guys will have a great time. Be safe.