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more cartes postales.

…mail was good yesterday – 2 letters and 3 postcards for me, 1 postcard for sara and an email for marc – my cartes postales:

and yesterday evening was busy, so I saved everything to read and savor over coffee this morning. totally love how katie’s words evoke her voice – I can hear her talking as I read the letters. but there was something just a bit sad about these letters (she later reminded me – in a much-welcomed phone call – that she’s turning in the letters for a grade in her Language/Culture/Communication class – I wonder just a bit how much is real and how much is “for the teacher”?) …in any event, the main message in my e-mail to her this morning is “you’re 20 – you can go back if you want – I’m confident you’ll be able to make that happen.”

and in a follow-up email to my mom this evening the message is “well…I know I wouldn’t be able to make many follow-on trips to europe…and shoot, I can’t have more babies either” …and I wonder – when did those “opportunities” become lost dreams or did I simply abandon them with full realization?

later – after much reflection – including a very “happy” journal posting before I let myself become so reflective 🙂 I am very much ok with my choices…and with the not-choices I’ve been handed. totally love the life I’m living now. and totally ok with never going to europe again…unless katie, or sara, or someone else?, wants me to accompany them on the adventure. because I am 100+% ok with where I am right now.

and that is a very wonderful place to be at “nearly” 45…I’m blessed…and lucky.


  • Lydia

    Have enjoyed the blog postings, and sounds like you and Sara had a nice time in Leesburg, the soup looks wonderful. We’ve gotten into the soup thing at home, and I want to get the soup bowls/plates that were in the latest Williams and Sonoma catalog. What are your plans for the post cards, a scrapbook, maybe, can’t wait to see what you create. My boss has a great quote that I have on a “Post-it note” on my PC. . “whatever you decide to do with your live make sure it’s your choice NOT your fate”.

    PS I’ve casted on for my first sock, more like an anklet really. . hm . . getting started is a bit tricky with 4 needles flopping around!

  • mere2007

    lydia – so…no firm plans yet for the cartes postales – just know that i want to capture the “joy” of receiving them. stay tuned. love that you’ve started a sock – wonder how long it will be til we’re on the #1 needles?!