I got a pretty decent start on the gloves this past weekend. “Decent” in that it went fast, looks good (I think, anyway!) and shows off the new blooms on mandevilla. This is knitting on #6 needles. The sock yarn I bought is on #4 needles. The sock yarn I loved is on #1 or #2 needles. If you don’t knit – the needle size getting smaller means the stitches get smaller. So more stitches to get the same amount of finished product. More stitches = more time = could get tedious. But Lydia has cast on a sock…can’t wait to see how it goes!

In other news – I found a new blog this morning. A link from the Yarn Harlot’s comments. {this is how I can spend up to an hour each day reading blogs…I check out the comments and then check out the blogs of the people who comment – I usually end up with at least one “fresh” idea, so the hour is well-spent, I think!} I spent 45+ minutes – felt really rushed – checking it out. Laughing out loud (Marc was puzzled). Wow – this guy is really talented…at knitting, humor, cartoons! and life, generally. He skipped right past my “blog postings maybe” (duh, of course I have to share this!) and “trial run” (trial? after that much laughter?!) folders – straight into the daily reads. Now I need to leave him a comment so he doesn’t think I’m lurking 🙂

And other news – Katie has connected with ms. treats & treasures for her upcoming trip to Amsterdam. They might have coffee together. I totally heart the internet!

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  • Lydia

    Love the gloves, such a pretty color too. When I get a bit more done on the sock, I’ll do a photo. I haven’t gotten as far as you have. I’ve decided to look for a lt. blue/brown verigated yarn while I’m in Cleveland next week, maybe something “tweedy”. Haven’t told the boss about the blog yet-he does totally get my “yarn thing” though. One of the things I like so much about my job right now is that it is far less hectic than my personal life!