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happy birthday, america!

the flag cookie cake we made for Marc to take to his golfing buddy party. So Sara and I could enjoy a chick flick 4th! We just got back from the seeing Evening. Which we totally loved! hard to imagine how they could get that many wonderful actresses – and some very good looking actors – all into one movie. And now we’re enjoying the Monk marathon, to be followed by a Friends marathon before the Lenox Square fireworks come on TV. And the yummy cornbread salad for dinner with lemon sorbet, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries – the red, white and blue! – for dessert. …of course on trays 🙂

And an update from this morning’s yarn shopping. Totally fun. There were ladies there knitting socks…and lots of beautiful sock yarn…and I succumbed…but for a very elementary pattern, on size 3/4 needles instead of the size 1’s that the fools rush called for. Elise (lovely lady who owns the new-favorite yarn store) suggested the size 1 pattern might be better for “not my first pair of socks”! Turns out fingerless glove yarn was also talking loudly. So I bought it, too. A beautiful handpainted yarn, perfect weight for the perfect pullover, will be arriving in August. Perfect timing if I can really knit these two projects before then! So, four balls of yarn for two projects:
yes, the sock yarn was talking hibiscus!

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  • Lydia

    Totally love the yarn, I knitted a poncho with a yarn similar to the blue, same company, but maybe a different blend, was hard to tell from the label. ALSO, the sock yarn has almost the same colors as the sock yarn I bought almost a year ago-it was destined that we move along to socks. I love the little felted bag, Mom as impressed, and she said “we need to do felting”, so I said, “okay, let’s do some felting”-the conversation was very Forest Gumpy! She’s going non stop on trying to use up baby yarn by making booties. She adds a cople buttons and charms that she found at Michael’s which makes them totally cute. Guess I could have photog. the one’s she gave away last week at a baby shower- darn, gotta do better. Enjoy Leesburg, and if you go to Mt. Dora, give me a review of the yarn shop if it has re-opened. Be safe.