Just Life


…and getting organized…and spending time with Sara and Marc. Pretty much sums up the past two days. Because I’m getting ready for this project.

the oldest ones are from August 2003 (labeled “Polly’s bday”) so it’s only four years worth – and I want to get them into albums – right, not scrapbooks, albums. I’ve decided not to scrap all the good photos. Just want to get them into a nice album, labeled with the details so we don’t forget them.

I cleaned out my desk to find all these photos. And that felt good. And I downloaded pics from my camera, organized them and uploaded the last dozen or so for pickup at Wolf Camera. Also uploaded to flickr, but haven’t organized those yet! And I cleaned out and organized my internet favorites folder – new “daily reads” and “exploring” sites (see the sidebar).

Sara and I visited the Alpharetta Farmers Market yesterday morning. There was a good turnout – beautiful vegetables, flowers and homemade jams, cakes, teas…

yes, that’s peanut butter fudge in the back – guess where that’s headed!

Then we went to Barnes & Noble (I got the rest of my beach reading list), then Target to pickup the 5th season of Monk and a device to play the ipod in the car (over an FM radio station) – planning ahead for next week’s car trip. We stopped by Theo’s Brother for bread and a chicken salad sandwich and a beautiful red gazpacho [and looking for the link, I noticed there’s a 2nd bakery in the Avenues at West Cobb – Lydia, you must visit – wonderful, yummy!]. And finally Harry’s for a few must-have’s and found a beautiful green gazpacho with pineapple and cucumber. Had the idea to put the gazpachos together in a bowl – like a yin-yang.

While we watched a few Monks, I finished the itty bitty bag. And then spent about 2 hours with the washing machine to felt it. My front loaded washing machine seems to take way longer to agitate and felt. But it finally worked.

Before…and after

Today…a run in the park, then Karen and Ron are coming over for brunch and looking through the new stampin up catalog. Actually that will be just Karen. I’m guessing Ron will do something else…maybe the ladies golf open?

And maybe a little time this afternoon to start on the albums? Or maybe a trip to the yarn store for a new project? Or working on the few scrapbook pages…there are finally a few new ideas floating around in my head!