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crepe myrtle love.

…the crepe myrtles seemed to take the brunt of our Easter weekend freeze in Atlanta. After the what-seemed-to-be-an-early spring, there were leaves on the trees. And they looked like overripe bananas a few weeks later. One of my trees still has those banana leaves, but the ones across the front are starting to look like summer.

and from these shots, you can really see the “crepe” that gives them the name. I really do love crepe myrtles. And I have a theory that makes a real southerner. (comments?) The first time I remember seeing them was in Williamsburg – family vacation – maybe 30? (yikes!) years ago? Love at first sight.

A few weeks ago, I posted a close-up of these flowers and asked for help identifying. Maybe a picture that shows the whole flower will help?

Seems like all the foliage is loving the recent rains and the slightly cooler temps today? But it’s forecasted to be 95 by Thursday…a short lived break!