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beach trip 2007.

…sadly, now history. but we had a wonderful time! decided not to post a blow-by-blow of photos and daily activities. because I realized early into the week that we don’t really do much (how had I forgotten that?!). instead, a mosaic of my favorites (you can see the whole set here) along with a few of the best memories:

*Sara and Paula giggling in the back seat watching The O.C. Season 4 (trip down) and Friends Season 2 (trip home)
*time to read Harry Potter #7 nearly without interruption (I’m not so obsessed I’d lose sleep or miss a meal to keep reading)
*riding bikes on 30-A and to Rosemary Beach
*six days in a row running nearly 25 miles in my new running shoes
*sunsets and photo ops
*no schedule, so plenty of time for relaxing and reading (see the new Goodreads button on the sidebar – updated with what I read and quick ratings/reviews)
*Southern Living Idea House with Karen (we biked there)
*ground-level condo perfect for pool access and sunrises reflected in the water
*first one up (by 6 am to catch Marc’s daily call)
*catching up with Karen
*Phase 10 (with a new twist where you get a personally-determined phase) and zilch! after dinner
*fruit and cheese plates for lunch with a glass of ice cold sauvignon blanc
*Rosemary Beach – so different from Seaside – close by, plenty to do, but needs a bookstore
*Zoo Gallery for Sorrelli earrings and a new t-shirt
*Apres Beach at Fonville Press to listen to Lindsey Battle (next year, we’ll plan to be hungry – the tapas looked delicious!)
*learning I can knit socks (#1 nearly done since Karen drove!)
*welcome home dinner and fun with Marc

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  • Lydia

    Move the mosaic of pictures, you’ll have to teach me that trick, got two post cards from Katie, look forward to hearing more about her trip. Since I did so much on the blog, I don’t feel guilty about not doing an elaborate scrapbook- love it! Worked a 1/2 day as the boys had doctor appts. Trying to still get caught up- more appts this week, so i guess over the last 3 weeks, I’ll be in the office about 6 days total! TTFN