Just Life

2 cubic feet.

…yep, that’s the personal allotment for the beach trip. since we’re taking Karen’s car. didn’t even bother to do the comparison of the passat to the corolla, but the mercedes would’ve allowed a bit more room. maybe next year?!

Wonderful brunch at Karen’s – a new strata with red peppers and summer-y fruit salad (sorry, no pictures!) – and a few notes on the trip, thanks to Sara!

Love how we’ve made subtle changes and adaptations since our first trip in 1999 – wow!

Key points for this year:
*everyone gets two cubic feet of trunk space – that needs to accommodate everything (beach towels, bath stuff, clothes, books!!!, cameras, cords, …)
*everyone owns one dinner
*iPods for music – will be an education for all of us
*separate space allocated for stamping/creating, dvd’s, games, one beach blanket (hopefully we’ll have a few sunsets beachside) and “the box” (which holds all the staples we can’t bring ourselves to buy and knives 🙂
*we may not even have a computer (that’s my to-do, to find out if there’s internet) so this could mean a long blog break and maybe some challenges with sharing photos
*8:30 am planned departure from our house – early afternoon arrival at the beach – likely means lunch out (Bud&Alley’s?) before we can get into the condo

Let’s hope Sara gets more comfortable with the camera before next week!


  • Anonymous

    This is a hoot…but am sure that everything will fit in including the 3 girls! Do take some pictures that we can enjoy on our return.

    I still chuckle when I think of your first trip to the beach & Karen sitting with bags of potato chips at her feet, legs, etc. That was when you needed the space allotment. Mother

  • Anonymous

    A second thought–why don’t you take two cars like you’ve done for the past few years? Or is the challenge of 2 cu ft per person too much to let go?

  • mere2007

    Mother – we had decided on one car a few weeks ago to “be kind to the earth” – and then after Friday’s accident, we didn’t have any other choice. We’ll definitely have a challenge! Love, m.