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welcome home!

…successful pickup yesterday. She had fun (she’s promised to post, so I’ll let her tell everyone about it).

Lots of laundry. I think those piles are just about everything that Sara owns. Whew – I just put the last load into the dryer!

Sadly – she came home with a cold. I think that’s the first time in the 10 years she’s been going to camp that she got sick. But a few doses of cold meds and she’s already sounding better. And I have to think that a night in her own bed will help, too! Continuing a tradition we started last year, we stopped at Marlow’s Tavern on the way home for a late lunch and more catching up. Then worked on the laundry, caught up the blog had dinner with Marc and fell asleep watching Music and Lyrics. …almost like she’d never been gone!

From Thursday’s mail – postcard of the Trevi Fountain from Katie and the last letter from Sara. There are also lots of cool pics of the fountain on Katie’s flickr site.

1. carte postale 6 front, 2. carte postale 6 back, 3. CH letter 5
When I went to Katie’s flickr site to grab the link, noticed that Paris is now up to 372 photos. Wow. They left Paris on Tuesday and went to Brussels. Two days of seeing the sites there and exams yesterday. Today they get to Oxford and I think classes start on Monday.

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