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that garrison girl.

…Sara said she read about this already on my blog, but I don’t think I’ve posted about it. [of course I could be completely mistaken – and if I am, please comment and enlighten me!] I think I wrote about it in a letter to her…

I met Chris Harris, aka “that Garrison Girl” at Starbucks last Saturday morning. A very spur-of-the-moment visit for me…to people watch and have something to eat/drink a bit out of the ordinary. I decided on the Mansell Rd/Alph Hiway location because it was on the way home (from my manicure at Spa Sydell and nothing else to do that morning) and decent outside seating. I love to watch people. So I settled in with my tall, non fat, double, extra hot latte {not even a blink from the barista – is my order that usual?!} and chocolate biscotti and watch the people. Didn’t take long for a lovely woman, with her dad’s wife and a completely beautiful hat to stop by my table. I commented on the hat

… and turns out the hat’s creator is coming to meet the lovely woman. (the hat’s a bit too big and the hat’s creator can fix that…on the spot at Starbucks!) So I play along, engage in more conversation and totally take part in the conversation with Chris, the hat’s creator. I tried on the hat she wore to the meeting.

and I’m totally smitten. (for years, I’ve been buying hats, and wearing them, but none have seemed totally “me” so far…come on … a baseball cap? 🙂 So we exchanged info and met this morning for a “hat fitting”. I’d originally wanted a pale pink hat … and ended up with dark brown. The fitting process was fun, and messy.

The finished product – so different from what I’d originally pictured, but seems so more like me. I love it!

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