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thank goodness I have Chance.

…to talk to! I am officially “home alone” for two nights while Marc’s on a golf outing. Marc asks if we’d get another dog after Chance. And I think “duh…yeah” so I’m not talking to myself all the time 🙂 It’s a weird feeling, this “alone-ness”. When both girls went to camp, I usually end up with one weeknight while Marc traveled. But I worked more then, so missed out some on the alone time. And I can’t remember a Friday night alone… maybe ever! I’ve booked a manicure for Saturday morning, but that’s it for my plans. At least plans to be with other people.

I have BIG plans for getting crafty! Kicked off in grand style last night with the second meeting of our “new stamp club”.

in the front, Kelli, Lydia and Joey (with advice from Sharon) working on the Father’s Day card – a new technique called “faux metal”. Lots of embossing powder, a little bit of versa mark and wow, very cool! In the back, Lisa, Karen and Gratia working on the vellum, watercolor, coordinated circle punch card.

Anne and Sally on the “easy card” – no new techniques, but we had to pay close attention to the assembly with ribbon and hardware and the happy stamp was pretty easy to get upside down!

the finished products: lovely note/post-it holder hostess gift (thank you, Sharon!), the “easy” happy birthday card, Father’s Day and the vellum watercolor coordinated circle punch – whew!

So now I have the very fun task of figuring out my order. Definitely this, this and this. But not so sure about this and this. (See, I found this how-to, and I think it looks very cool – not exactly the same, but maybe one with an “m” and different tabs? see… aren’t you feeling crafty, too?)

And Sharon delivered my order from Karen’s party – so I’m looking at this for inspiration on my work table:

…maybe something like “self discovery”?

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