Just Life


…that was the word Sara said best summed up the Playmaking for Girls Public Performance. Surprising content, surprising talent, surprising humor, surprising inspiration. We were very glad we went.

I found out about this program through the Hewitt Associates Foundation (I’m the Foundation’s Atlanta coordinator) last year. You can read about what the program does here. The Public Performance is the eight best plays written during the past year at the various workshops. Nine of the performers are girls who’ve participated in the workshops; the other four are teachers. Two of the performers had written two of the plays selected for last night. And one of those called “Hair Drama” was my favorite – a very creative idea – a wig store – and the main dialog takes place between a very urban afro wig and the wet/wavy wig that sits next to her. Everyone loved it!

Afterwards we ate at the Flying Biscuit and had a wonderful meal – fried green tomatoes and sausage, eggs and grits for Sara and salad and shrimp and grits for me. And of course the yummy biscuits with a delicious cinnamon-y apple butter.

We’re sitting at dinner – it’s about 8:00 pm and Sara says “so…I wonder what we’re going to do tonight – maybe watch another movie?” And of course I’m thinking “this is what we’re doing tonight” 🙂 So I replied “It will be after 9:00 before we get home and unless we want to finish watching the end of Music and Lyrics, that will be it.” We ended up looking at Sara’s 100+ photos from camp.

my long-armed partner’s back!