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one more day.

yup, tomorrow sara and her friend rachel are going to camp highlander for three weeks. we tried an outing at the pool today, but it was (yeah, for the first time in about 5 weeks, hard to be too unhappy) cold and cloudy. the girls still did the big slide before deciding it was just too darned cold to swim.

1. rachel and sara, 2. sara sliding, 3. rachel making a splah, 4. too cold for swimming

then I went to Harry’s (by myself) to shop for dinner…and got a little sad thinking about the next three weeks – no Sara, no Katie. So I bought flowers to “feed my soul”.

1. peonies for the soul 3, 2. peonies for the soul 4, 3. peonies for the soul 2, 4. peonies for the soul 1

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