Just Life


…from abroad and North Carolina.

From Barcelona and Madrid:

1.carte postale 2 front, 2.carte postale 2 back, 3. letter 1 stamp…yes! that is a knitting reference above the postmark!

From North Carolina:

I know Sara said I could scan and publish letters, but it didn’t seem quite right with this one – so all the blog gets is the envelope – the stamp and the postmark! (but rest assured, the letter is totally cool – everything is good!)

yes…today’s mail was beyond benevolent. a postcard and a letter from Katie and a letter from Sara. I got to enjoy them all in the “evening sunshine”. Missing them much, but so glad they’re having the experiences to write home about. Looking forward to catching up in person when they’re home.

…p.s. I now have a “pro” after my name in flickr too. decided to upgrade (and honestly not exactly sure what it means, but the price wasn’t outrageous!) so I didn’t have to worry about how many photos I was sending there. I used up 42% of my monthly capacity last weekend, and figured that wasn’t a good sign!