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keeping in touch.

…is so much easier with all the technology we have, no? To celebrate Fathers Day, we planned (and executed 🙂 a 4-way call, and shared photos. And now I’m blogging about it. I guess we could’ve added on a You Tube video (but I don’t know how to do that, and I’m pretty sure the others don’t either!). So, here we are, enjoying a 50 minute call, catching up…

…summer camps – Paula’s just home Thursday, Sara comes home Friday and Andrew goes the end of June (and Jillian’s visit to camp grandparents ends next week)
…Jillian loves driving Grandpa’s car – and the daily visits to pickup the mail have probably given her another 30 minutes of practice
…Sheffield vacation to Nashville in July (maybe)…must see the Country Music Hall of Fame
…is Andrew Jackson’s driveway really shaped like a guitar? (or is it his swimming pool?)
…where in the world is Katie? (Versailles on Sunday)
…guitar wars on PS2 “rocks” – and maybe the grandkids could start a band? (with the Rogovin girls as manager/bookkeeper?)
…jobs – Karen’s “is”, Steve’s is a LOT of work and Mary’s is …good for once
…crime is up the ATL – at least in terms of Internal Affairs backlog
…make other plans for the last weekend in June; the ATL will be busy hosting 30,000 (yes thousand!) “socially active” visitors. Yikes!

It was fun – maybe a new way to connect with our long-distance relationships!


  • Anonymous

    Yes, it was a winner. Probably did everyone good to talk one at a time!! The family is certainly spread out (even though we’re just 600 miles apart) with so many different ideas, etc.–only good. Love you all and your attention to the old folks…Polly