Just Life

i journal more than i scrap.

…often when I visit the multitude of scraplifting/blog sites I’ve linked as favorites, I feel more overwhelmed than inspired. I love making scrapbook pages. But I just don’t feel inspired to do it more than a few times each month. And what I realized just recently, is that my journaling habit might be channeling some of my creative energy. All in a VERY GOOD WAY! So I decided to share a few of my recent journal pages. Here’s today’s cupcake exploration (recall this inspiration):

And the results of several months of magazine reading/clipping and looking for my personal style (which Ali said I needed to do). What I’ve collaged here are the bits and pieces of inspiration that stand on their own. I’ve created a separate album for layouts, music and books – ideas that need more space and aren’t so time-tied as the journal. And a completely separate “shopping now” folder for time-sensitive ideas like a good stretch mark cream, a new natural soda and a terrific MAC powder. I totally LOVE magazines!!