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the hat debuts.

…in style. At Urban. With Karen, sauvignon blanc and fried calamari.

What a way to meet perfect strangers! Glad I remembered to ask Chris for business cards – gave away one today.

Urban is really good. Beautiful chocolate, lime green and blue interior, with glass, leather and tile. All the food looked delicious. An eclectic crowd. Friendly service. Next time we need to go for dinner.

Catching up from yesterday. Sara made Ina Garten’s peach blueberry crumble – making a small dent in the peach crop we brought back from the camp pickup and four pints of blueberries from Harrys. Yummy, yummy!

And – another mandevilla update. The blooms from earlier this week are now deep pink, but there’s a new one today – light pink on the inside and swirly pink (like a peppermint stick) on the outside. …yes, I’m totally enchanted!

…in closing, made my day today that kal visited to comment on yesterday’s post. triple arm pump to me. and many thanks to kal for the inspiration!

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  • Kal

    I would like to eat that peach blueberry cobbler RIGHT NOW! It looks amazing. And I love your flower. My goodness – I have never seen anything with a peppermint swirl to it. And that’s excatly the way I would have described it, too.

    Have a beautiful weekend!