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drinks well with others.

…aka Hembree Farms Bookclub. Can this be our new name?

Thank you Terri for the wonderful evening – good food, good wine and a lovely setting – adore your patio, and the not-too-hot weather that made it delightful to be sitting outside.

I held off to post this, thinking that Del might’ve emailed the photos he took with a much more sophisticated camera and no aversion to flash (which I have). But I still think the photo relays the “mood” of the evening…yes, we have longer daylight, but it was certainly twilight by the time we took this. And we all have good faces in the photo. So decided to go for it.

Among many other things, we talked about Funny in Farsi. Donna’s pick from last month. Interesting that some of our discussion mirrored Beautiful Dreamer (Patty’s pick from March). Couldn’t imagine two more different books, but the themes of being an outsider repeat themselves. Bottom line – a good, light read – thank you, Donna!

…and I’m thinking I don’t want to start taking notes at our discussions – so here are just the key points I took away:

*the world is (becoming?) flat – too bad we didn’t all learn 2nd languages when our 1st/2nd/3rd generation families provided a great opportunity. Having that additional language would really help these days.
*we are all different and that’s a good thing – like a garden (so sorry, Shari, that I can’t recall your specific words from that terrific story).
*hotdogs and spam and pickled pigs feet are gross – in any language or culture (the hotdog part might be just me, but I think the spam and pigs feet were pretty much unanimous).
*celery in white wine.

Terri has selected Julia’s Chocolates by Cathy Lamb. Not yet on my sidebar as “reading” because I’m saving it for the beach.

As always, looking forward to our next meeting. Thoughtful discussion. Fun stories. Laughter. Life. (and wine)

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