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…another Saturday at Impressive Ideas with paper, scissors and glue. Bonnie is such a good teacher – she’s very good at what she does and very good at giving instructions that make sense, and when we’re slow to catch on, or don’t do what she tells us, she’s so patient getting us back on track. Yesterday’s creations – two scrap pages, a card and a baby brag book.

In between the scrap pages and the brag book, we had lunch at Metanoya in Plum Tree Village. I continue to be amazed at all the wonderful places I’ve yet to find even after living in Roswell 20+ years! This is a great place for lunch and I can’t wait to visit with the girls.

As usual, there is plenty in Bonnie’s store to inspire. Yesterday it was Karen Lockhart’s delightful stamps. And all these designs are colored with pencils – yes, just pencils. Bonnie had three boards covered with Karen’s designs and they’re beautiful. Karen’s website has tips&techniques about how to use the pencils and when I found out they’re the same pencils I own, I bought some stamps to try out. The cupcakes and the knit one, purl one. Of course I don’t have all the colors she uses – my collection is especially deficient in yellows, greens, reds and blues. Can’t wait to try out coloring!

And while I was on Karen’s site, I found this one. A scrapbooking/stamping store in Mt Dora. Which is very close, I think, to Leesburg. Maybe an excursion when we’re in Leesburg in July? …if memory serves, there might even be a good yarn store there, too? Yarn and scrapbooks – and antiques! – are things I simply can’t pass by!

…in closing, the mandevilla is getting closer!


  • Anonymous

    Mt. Dora would be fine while you are here next month. We haven’t been over there in ages so there are probably alot of new stores. See if we can take the back road from Tavares to Mt. Dora as it’s quite scenic. Polly