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water for elephants.

…oh my…LOVED it! and maybe set a record for a not-really-a-chick-flick reading time. I started it Sunday and finished last night. And was completely engrossed in the story from the first page. Thank you, Mother, for the recommendation (and the loan of the book!). She thought it might be a good choice for bookclub, too (and I completely agree), but at the time, it wasn’t out in paperback. We try to pick paperbacks to keep the costs down. Maybe someone else will pick it.

Have done some research for the Eat, Pray, Love bookclub (which is in 15 minutes – I’m nearly giddy with excitement), and found penguin books reading guides. They don’t have one (yet?!) for Water for Elephants. But I found these sites:

*reading group guides
* (who knew they had reading group guides?!)
*npr’s review (there’s an audio – haven’t listened yet – but I completely agree with the Rona Grinlee’s conclusion about the book!)

It’s good to see what others are thinking and asking – helps me understand the book better…and I enjoy it more.

Who wants it next?

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