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two down, six (???!!!) to go

It’s done and finished – two years of college – last final today and now moving home. Yes, Katie has finished her 2nd year at Georgia Tech. …and now the hard part…moving “it” all out of the very tiny dorm room and back home (or into storage). So – this is what we have to pack up and get home (or to storage) by 9:15 a.m. on Wednesday:
We spent a few hours and made some good progress…from that to this… enough tea to open a tearoom (and this is just about the same amount we still have from Christmas – a tearooom is a good idea!)
…three hours later we have lots of boxes and we’re ready to start the moving.
Here’s what we have in the dorm hallway, ready to move to my car:
And after all that’s moved out the room looks a little bit emptier – we think?!
So the first load is all home now, sitting in the hall, ready for Katie to unpack!
She’s only home for three weeks before she leaves for Europe. Looking forward to every minute of it!!
…oh, and the title – yeah, so we’re having dinner after we got my car loaded and I say wow, so two years down and two to go, and Katie says well…maybe more like six… better her than me!!
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