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tracking a cardinal.

one of my read-nearly-every-day blogs has a category called “time wasters”. This might be one. When I took Chance out for his after dinner walk, I saw a beautiful cardinal in the front-yard trees. Of course I didn’t have my camera. But I got it, went back outside and tried to find the bird again. I did. But capturing him on film proved nigh-impossible. Guess that’s what helps birds survive… In any event, I attempted some enhancements in MS Photo Editor (the only pic editing software on my laptop) and after 20 minutes I’m done…with no “enhanced results”. So now this is like a Where’s Waldo game… I promise, there is a red cardinal in each of these pics!

First day back at work was ok. Meaning I didn’t make much progress on my to-do list (the one I diligently created before the DR trip), but it wasn’t blown completely to h*** either by “stuff” that happened while I was gone. So I left at 4:30 and actually did errands before coming home. I really love being able to get things done during the week. And when I got home, I had time to put away the laundry, review the mail, (track the cardinal)…and I still beat Marc. 🙂

Bookclub has been postponed til next week – actually very good news so I can enjoy a “last night home” with Katie on Wednesday…and prepare to lead the Eat, Pray, Love discussion without knocking Sara off the computer!

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  • Anonymous

    Mary, I found the cardinals in the pictures, do I get a prize?? Let me know when you start socks, I need inspiration and direction.