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school’s out!

summertime slushy (aka “virgin margarita”):

makes two servings

2.5 oz strawberry daiquiri/margarita mix (1/4 of the bacardi’s can)

4 oz orange juice

4 oz fresca

mix in the blender, then add crushed ice to get the right consistency; probably 16-20 oz

this and the school’s out makes for one very happy, very relaxed fille!

…and a getting to be relaxed mere as well:

Also making me smile:

Sara – I fell asleep last night while we were watching the O.C.

Me – me, too – that makes us even

Sara – uh, maybe for last night… but not for life

…point conceded 🙂

To investigate:

the playlist that Katie took on the plane – this is copied verbatim from her blog, and I have to be honest, I’m not sure who are the artists, which are the songs, and what is simply Katie’s editorial. Could be a real challenge, but I’m sure it will be worth it!

feist’s new album, ferraby lionheart, francois virot (marry me, please),
guillemots, page france, magic arm, handsome furs, cocorosie, i’m from
barcelona, hanne hukkelberg, jens lekman, the national, jose gonzalez, jeremy
warmsley, sunset rubdown, throw me the statue, elliott smith’s new album ,
eagle*seagull, blonde redhead, benni hemm hemm, chris garneau, charlotte
gainsbourg, and jane birkin

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