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not so much a green thumb.

…is how I would describe my gardening approach. I am all about quick results and not too much (maybe more like no) dirt under my nails.

Maybe uncharacteristic for one (me) who isn’t a gardener, but I have been planful about the summer planting. Observing the light patterns for the planting areas – my deck, my mailbox and my front porch. Because the patterns have changed a lot since we moved into the house 20+ years ago. And no photos to show it right now, but my memories are of scorched earth – 100%+ sun all day long – portulaca blossomed and everything else wilted….

So now the trees are so much grown up, but we’ve re-done the deck, and the light patterns are different…even since 2005 when I last planted (I skipped last summer because we did a major remodel and planted pots would’ve been a waste!)

And I’m sure my tastes have changed. I love the bright, exuburant colors of the tropical flowers – hibiscus, bouganvilla, mandevilla. and I’ve come to love the purples and oranges of new guinea impatiens.

So … the before (just two shots because it’s embarrassing how bad I let it get!):

the overwhelming choices at Lowe’s:

and the after:

and it was delightful to sit outside this evening before dinner, reading, with a glass of wine, and enjoy the summer air and the daylight through the trees.

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  • Anonymous

    The pots look great. My yard work is done, and I get two days to play. Have been to the pool a couple times. The photo at Rancho Grande is great. The Katie tracker map is very cool!