Just Life

living vicariously.

…through photos, blog postings, two phone calls and one text message:

From: Katie
Sending much love from barcelona outside the fundacion joan miro. Will e-mail and post when i can find internet. Love you so much. Beso.
11:42 am 5/30/07

…guess she found internet! Marc and I both awoke to emails and a new blog posting. And checked again just now – another blog posting and 776 photos on her flickr site. (so now she has a little pro after her name – love that!) Here are a very few of my favorites:

1. IMG_4990, 2. IMG_5186, 3. IMG_5274, 4. IMG_5080, 5. IMG_4649, 6. IMG_4575

and a link (thank you ali edwards!) to the very cool mosaic maker.

In other news, Sara is making good progress on her getting-ready-for-camp to-do list (even though I got caught up work calls this morning and forgot to wake her up at 8:30 am as requested!) Pretty much down to just cramming everything into the trunk and the duffel.

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